A Ghost Story

Meet Ghost Writer’s Block Founder, Michelle Kicherer

“Be a good animal, true to your instincts.” – D.H. Lawrence 

There are many rules of writing. My favorite is: “Learn the rules so you know how to break them.” 

We all have our specialties. Mine are humor writing and literary rule breaking, nutrition, mental health, wellness, fiction, the music industry, dogs and travel. I’ve worked extensively on script writing and development for online courses—a unique and exciting sector of entrepreneurship that I love.

So how did I get here? And why do I have so many specialties? I’ve worked in a lot of industries and have written for a lot of different audiences—and it’s what I love about my work. Through my clients, I get to learn about new industries all the time. They get to do what they do best—sharing their expertise—and I get to do what I do best: writing. Together we create beautiful work that is exciting to us both. 

A quick Michelle history: 

After earning my bachelors in Nutrition, I moved to France, where I worked as an au pair in the Rhône-Alpes. After a year of au pairing, writing and traveling throughout Europe, I returned to the States to work as a nutritionist in a mental health setting. Throughout my five years as a nutritionist I wrote nutrition and health articles for several outlets. Eventually, I started writing more fiction stories and founded a literary magazine. Once I realized I was more passionate about writing than I was nutrition, I went to graduate school and earned my MFA in English and Creative Writing. Over the last several years I’ve been a music journalist, a copy writer, a technical writer, a writing coach, a writing instructor and of course, a ghostwriter.

I. Love. Writing. 

And I know a lot of people hate it. If you’re in that category of “I have so much to say but hate trying to put it on paper,” I’d love to talk. And if I’m not the right expert for your book, I’ll pair you with a writer who is. Or at the very least, offer some advice. My promise is this: whether I’m your ghost, or you’re paired with another writer from the team, your book will be what you want it to be. Period. 

I created Ghost Writer’s Block as a platform to connect experts and entrepreneurs with creative writers who will do an incredible job and who are fun to work with. 

So that’s me. Who are you? Send a note to tell us about your work or to ask about the process, the pricing, the timelines, or anything else. We’re here as a resource, and when you’re ready, we’re here to write your book. 

Founder Michelle Kicherer

Photo © Ryan Johnson

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