Project Offerings

Below are some of our core offerings. Have something outside of the box? We’re even more excited to talk with you.

The Book

This is for those interested in writing a full-length book. Most of our clients are experts on some topic and are interested in writing a nonfiction or creative nonfiction book. 

The Workbook

Some of our clients have an existing book or online course and are interested in having someone write an accompanying workbook. 

The Book-to-Script or Script-to-Book

Do you have an existing book and want it transformed into a script for your upcoming online course? Or do you already have any online (or in person) course and want to write a book based off of your existing material? This is one of our unique expertise. 

The Memoir 

Is it time to write your life story? This is one of our most engaging and fun projects and we’d absolutely love to hear about your story. 

The Series

This is for clients who already have a first book and are interested in continuing their work into a series, which may involve additional articles, blog posts, or supplementary material.

The Illustrated Book

It’s always exhilarating to see someone’s thoughts accompanied by illustrations! We have an amazing team of illustrators ready to make your book look beautiful. Whether you’d like a few images peppered throughout a nonfiction book, you’re interested in a full-blown children’s book, or anything in between, we are so ready to hear about it.

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