Below are testimonials for Michelle Kicherer. Please note that not all of our projects are written by Michelle, and that depending on availability and subject matter, we might pair you with another writer. As always, feel free to ask questions about what we can (or can’t) do. We’re always available to offer advice.

 “Michelle was super easy to work with and was able to intuit my needs as well as understand how I best receive feedback. Her insights and suggestions have been spot-on and in tune with my ‘voice’.”

Jennifer L. McBride McNamara, MA, LMFT
Founder of Touching Trees Counseling & Relationship Services
Online course: High Conflict Relationships: Rescue, Recovery & Restoration

“Michelle was so easy to work with. She was able to provide new ideas, to focus my thinking, and to generate a structure and a way forward that I couldn’t see because I was too close to the material.”

Peter Novak, CEO and Founder, Strictly Speaking Group
Online Course: Public Speaking for Non-Native English Speakers

Michelle, thanks again and again.  It’s been delightful to work with you, and receive such helpful suggestions, skilled editing, and on-going encouragement.  You’ve fed my writing in more ways than you could ever know, or imagine.

Geri O.
Writing Student (Memoir, Fiction)

I gained confidence. I became aware of some of my strong points, the details of writing conversation, the scheme of plot and theme in developing a story, and the importance of considering less rather than more when editing one’s own work. These were all elements of writing that Michelle taught. I know my skill in writing has improved… I was amazed that so much could be covered in two hours of Zoom!” 

Beverley C.
Writing Student (Memoir, Fiction)
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