The Process

The writing process is a collaboration between expert and writer.

Whether you come to us with an idea, an outline, or a draft, we’re here to work with you and for you until you have a book you’re proud of.  For the initial part of the process, we’ll need your help. We want to read whatever material you’ve got so far: any notes, outlines, drafts, and research. 

After taking some time with your material, your ghostwriter will conduct a series of interviews to gain a better understanding of your book and to capture quotes, stories, and explanations. After the initial interview phase, we’ll send you a sample chapter to be sure we’re capturing your tone and voice. 

How long does the process take?

This is a tricky question, but in a nutshell: it depends on your availability, the length and depth of your project, and how far along you are in the process. Some manuscripts are completed within three months, others over the course of two years. If you have already written a draft, your project will take less time than if you have an outline or notes.

The initial part of the process will involve more time on your end. Your ghost will want to sit down and interview you via Zoom to capture your content. Once your ghost has the material they need, they’ll get to work writing and reaching out as needed to add clarification or insights.

Every project is unique! Reach out to ask us any questions and to get an understanding of what your project might look like.

What types of books do we write? 

We accept works of both fiction and nonfiction, including memoir. In fact, memoir is one of founder Michelle Kicherer’s favorite things to write! Our nonfiction works vary in subject matter, and include topics like nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, leadership, finance, and business.

In our consultation we’ll ask questions about where you’re at now, and where you’d like to go. If we work together, we’ll send over a questionnaire about things like humor, anecdotes, and story arch. 

What don’t we do? 

Writing, publishing, and designing are all very different things. Although we can recommend agents, self publishing avenues, illustrators and designers, we are expert writers and writing is what we do.

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